Megan Boag – Multiples Canterbury

Nominated by – Carolyn Lister – Multiples Canterbury

What Carolyn had to say …

I am nominating Megan this month as she is one of those people who has been a rock to others during lockdown on top of her regular support. Although no longer on our committee Megan is still an incredible support person, particularly for those in NICU or facing various other challenges. She is great at finding and connecting people in need and bringing them to the attention of committee members so we can provide additional help where necessary.

Officially Megan has been a buddy for eight families over the last two years, although unofficially she has supported many, many more either in person, virtually or through her Facebook posts. During this latest lockdown one of her buddies ended up in hospital with threatened premature labour at 28 weeks. Megan made up a bag of goodies for her and arranged a nurse to drop it to her for a surprise. She also connected the expectant with another of her buddies who had her girls at 27 weeks. 

Megan also really looks out for those who are struggling with anxiety or PND. She can sometimes spend up to 3 hours in a session with a member talking them through things and providing guidance and help to get professional support. 

On top of the one to one support, Megan has arranged catch ups for parents in the Selwyn area over the last year. As another example of support during lockdown Megan reached out to our Selwyn group offering assistance: “If anyone needs anything urgently over the next 3 days, please message me or post on here. It can be a bit daunting stuck in lockdown with multiples especially when they are little or unwell. There may be someone close that could add formula or nappies to their shop for you and drop it off in the driveway on the way past. I’ve supported another family with nappies tonight my girls have grown out of.”

So many of our members have been extremely grateful for the support they have had from Megan: “You’re amazing Megan, so grateful to have you in our community!”