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Multiples NZ is a nationwide parent-led support network supporting families in their journey from expecting to raising multiples.

Multiples NZ is a completely volunteer-run organisation that seeks to address the diverse needs of families with multiples through networking, education, support and advocacy. We work in partnership with local Multiples Clubs, community groups, health care providers and educators to support our members.

As part of the Multiples NZ structure, there are 14 Multiples Clubs, and a number of smaller satellite support groups that provide a safe friendly setting to meet other parents of multiples through playgroups, coffee mornings, social events and in some regions multiple-specific antenatal classes. Many Clubs can provide hire equipment including breast pumps. Families can access business discounts for buggies, car seats, clothing, skincare and childcare providers. Members are also entitled to one free box of Huggies nappies when their twins are born (or two boxes for triplets).

Along with discounts and nappies, Multiples Clubs provide families with New Zealand based, multiple-specific resources. There are three comprehensive booklets that cover everything you need to know about a multiple pregnancy, the first year following the birth of the multiples and caring for premature multiples. These resources are an invaluable tool and will no doubt answer many of the technical questions you may have.

For more information the benefits of joining a club,click here.

As you explore our website, you will find a wide variety of helpful information, based on current research and the experiences of other New Zealand parents of multiples, as well as the contact details for Multiples Clubs throughout the country.

To find out more about the history of Multiples NZ, click here.

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