Volunteer of The Month May 2024 Winner

Shelley Powell- Multiples Auckland Central


Shelley has been treasurer for Multiples Auckland Central and a member of our committee for four years. Over that time she has been a pivotal person for our committee, guiding us on making decisions and giving us perspective on how our club is performing financially. Not only has Shelley brought her strong financial background to her role as treasurer but she’s always been willing to question our direction and come up with new ideas. We’ve really appreciated her challenging our ways of thinking and being willing to give her opinion during meetings. For someone who is holding down a busy full-time job and parenting twin boys she always seems to be able bring clarity of thought – in spite of what might be going on for her at home and work. A lot of what Shelley does goes unnoticed by our members, such as processing payments, filing charities documents and problem solving issues. She has done all this consistently, efficiently and often without thanks during her tenure as treasurer. It’s kept our club ticking nicely over the last few years and provided a platform for our club to try new things, knowing the basics are taken care of.