Elizabeth O’Brien –  Wellington Multiples 

Nominated by – Georgie Manning – Wellington Multiples & Amy Teague – Wellington Multiples

What Georgie had to say …

Liz joined our committee at the same time I did over 3years ago when both our sets of twins were just a couple of months old. She has held the secretary role during this time as well as membership and New arrivals. Liz is the (not-so) secret mum of our committee – her lovely house has become home base for meetings and planning days and she feeds and waters us while keeping us organised and on task. Without her encouragement and support I would not have taken on the presidency role. She is the cool cucumber to my excited management style. I am grateful to her nearly every day for how she has empowered our committee members with confidence to shake off “rusty can” moments and reshape their own roles. She is an ADMIN QUEEN! In her time she has overhauled our shared drive and countless docs and spreadsheets and processes so that everyone else’s admin load is greatly reduced. Every year she has assisted membership renewals and continues to help refine the process. She has recently let us know that she needs to leave our committee to dedicate more time to burgeoning work commitments and has already begun a shadow training our new secretary 6 months out from our AGM to ensure a seamless handover. I nominated her for volunteer of the year in our first year volunteering together and every lovely thing I said then still stands +1000 more thank yous for the huge heart, passion and organisation she has bought to our committee. She will leave a big gap but also an epic legacy and I am a better volunteer for knowing her and working alongside her. Thanks Liz, you’re a superstar AND a super mum!

What Amy had to say …

Liz has committed four years to this club. She has been fundamental in revitalising playgroup when her duo were young (with a great team of course). She has juggled twin parenting, a job and supporting her husband build a great business, all with a smile. She is an all round great support, she was my buddy when I joined the club and I loved hearing from her and getting support from a twin mum who’d survived the first year, seemingly unscathed. She has been secretary for 2 years (maybe more) and has kept the rest of us organised to keep us moving toward our shared goals. She has also done the new arrivals role for at least that long and did membership before I came onboard (with her encouragement). She held 3 or more roles at one time and kept them all running (then gave me a great handover and easy process to manage). A gold star volunteer who doesn’t just do her job well but also helps the rest of us succeed. Liz has dedicated countless hours of her busy life to support our committee, our community and the many friends she’s made along the way. I’m pleased to call her a friend, and privileged to have had her guidance when I joined as a volunteer. Every club needs a Liz.