Alisha Peter – Multiples Canterbury

Alisha was nominated by Carolyn Lister.

Carolyn says:

” Alisha only joined our committee in July when we put the call out for a new magazine editor. She has hit the ground running and done an incredible job transforming our club magazine. The magazine was ‘tired’ and needed a good overhaul. Alisha with support from Caroline, another of our new volunteers, has given it a whole new lease of life. She engages regularly on our club page to connect with members and source content as well as connecting nationally and sourcing content through ICOMBO. As a result the content has been strengthened and members have responded very positively. A whole new design upgrade was rolled out for the October/November issue.

Alisha is also extremely organised, always delivers on time and sets clear goals for the magazine which ensures that a range of interesting content is included in the magazine. Alisha has succeeded in increasing member engagement and making the magazine more relevant for them. Her friendly manner makes people want to be involved in both magazine contributions and the wider club community. Some of the feedback we have received on the magazine includes:

“Love the formatting Alisha- very professional”

“Hey Alisha it looks amazing! Well done on a stellar job!”

“Awesome job!!! 👏🏼💘🥰💞”

In addition to her magazine role Alisha is always looking out to connect with members and committee. Caroline (our marketing volunteer) lives in Haast but visits Christchurch every so often, so Alisha has arranged a get together to ensure Caroline gets to meet some more of the committee and feels a part of the group. She also is always volunteering to pick people up to take to events. Alisha has also volunteered to be a buddy for two expectant members who live close to her. Every club needs an Alisha!

Congratulations Alisha!