GEORGIE MANNING – President, Playgroup Coordinator, Antenatal Coordinator – Wellington Multiples 

Georgie was nominated by Elizabeth O’Brien, Secretary of Wellington Multiples

Elizabeth says:

“I speak for many others when I say that this woman is utterly amazing.  Not only does she have toddler twin girls and two older boys as well, but she puts 110% effort into Wellington Multiples and does it with a gorgeous smile on her face.  She’s the brightest, happiest person I’ve ever met, even though she has openly struggled with maternal mental health issues in the past which she has now become a strong advocate for.  She’s engaged, open, positive, and super importantly she has spent the past 2 years basically single handedly revitalising our Wellington playgroup and social events which has created the most amazing Multiples community for our region.  She’s just taken on running our greater Wellington twins antenatal class too which is run on weekends and is super popular.  She used to volunteer to just be a speaker, but she sees how important it is so she wanted to run it.  That’s the level of dedication she has.  She led the way to try to include the Hutt Valley and KapiMana clubs in our upcoming events too, like MAW, after her networking at the last Training forum.  She’s active on our social media, and she also created the new Club logo and branding we now use which is more modern and colourful.  She puts her hand up for everything because she knows it’s for the betterment of the club and the people within it, and she has a way of influencing all those around her to do the same.  While her standards are really high for herself, she never, ever judges anyone and really makes everyone feel like they belong and that nothing can’t be overcome – which as we know with multiples is a really important message.  Through her efforts, she has recruited some great volunteers for our committee too which has kickstarted a new era for our committee.  Truly, our club and our committee are so grateful to her and her commitment to us, which is why we have unanimously nominated her as our new President.”