Dan & Katie Hanson –  Multiples Canterbury 

Nominated by –  Sophie McInnes – Multiples Canterbury

What Sophie had to say …

This husband and wife team are amazing. Katie and Dan joined Multiples Canterbury in early 2021 and their twins aren’t even a year old, but the fab couple already got a regular weekend gathering going near Greymouth.

I think the first message I received from Katie on this topic was when their girls were only 12 weeks old! Our club only has a few families on the Coast, but anyone with multiples knows how good it is to chat with others in the same boat – long may they continue to meet and share lifehacks.

Not only this, but when Alisha announced that she’d be stepping down as magazine editor, Dan was one of two who put up their hand. He and Jemma (a mum of 6yo twin boys over in Christchurch) are now co-editors of the club’s bi-monthly magazine, with one edition under their belts and another in the works.

It’s a great resource for all our members and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they come up with, working together via the power of the internet 🙂

No stopping there though: the Hanson family is in the process of moving to Nelson, which is ironically another area where Multiples Canterbury would love to get a regional hub running again – no pressure, just settle into the new place for now.. *fingers crossed*