New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

There is Government help for parents of multiples

Three government agencies, Work and Income, Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Education provide financial support to families of multiples. Click on the links below to find out more.

Work and Income Multiple Birth Home Help Payments

The Work and Income Multiple Birth Home Help Payments are available to help families of multiples with the cost of home help to complete household tasks normally performed in the home, such as cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry. This benefit is not means tested. New Zealand citizens or permanent resident are eligible if they have given birth to twins or adopted twins and have another child under the age of five years old, or have given birth to or have adopted triplets, or higher order multiples.

Working for Families Tax Credits (Inland Revenue)

Inland Revenue offers Working for Families Tax Credits. These four types of payments are for families with dependent children 18 years or younger. As a family with new multiples, you may be entitled to these payments, which depend on the age and number of dependent children you care for, and your total family income and where it comes from.

Help with Childcare Costs (Work and Income and the MoE)

Ministry of Education funding and Work and Income payments can help make quality childcare more affordable for multiple families, who need extra help to work or prepare for a working future, through study. This is provided through the Early Childhood Education (20 Hours ECE), and the Childcare and OSCAR Subsidies.

Additional Financial Support (Work and Income)

A range of extra financial support is available from WINZ in special circumstances, including payments for accommodation, childcare for young parents and a range of grants.