New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Partner with Multiples NZ by supporting one of our key strategic initiatives and connect with a network of organisations that support families throughout New Zealand. You will gain exposure and coverage amongst our membership of multiple birth clubs and families across New Zealand.


Multiples NZ is a niche group that assists families in the unique situation of having twins, triplets, or more.

We are a nationwide network of peer-to-peer support groups. Made up of 14 member organsations, all non-profit organisations, many of which are registered charities. Our network is run entirely by volunteers. Nationally Multiples NZ has almost 1500 member families with multiples, affiliated with the Multiples NZ.

We are seeking sponsorship and partners to assist with the operational delivery of our several key strategic initiatiives.

Partnering with Multiples NZ is a great way to raise brand awareness, while aligning with an organisation that is also committed to supporting families to raise healthy happy children.

Opportunities to partner with Multiples NZ

By supporting our network your organisation has the opportunity to connect with a national family support network. We have several opportunities for your orgaisation to connect with, and support, our national network of families, and the volunteer support network that underpins this.

Member and volunteer profile

Multiple birth club membership is recorded by family rather than individual membership. In a recent Multiples NZ survey (2012) of Kiwi multiple parents, 63% of respondents were aged 30-39 when their multiples were born, and a further 31% were aged 20-29. The majority of respondents had children aged 2-4 years (36.8% with fraternal boy/girl twins (25%).

Of particular note is that our entire network of volunteers, from Kaitaia to Bluff are all voluntary, and they all have families with multiples and more. These are dedicated amazing people who engage and contribute because they want to make a difference.

What does Multiples NZ do? (Link to about page if this is on the net)

Multiples NZ offers a fantastic support network in place for those that are expecting twins, triplets or more, as well as families who already have their multiples. This support network stretches the length of the country and we are a deeply connected support network.

Multiples NZ is a completely volunteer-run organisation that seeks to address the diverse needs of families with multiples through networking, education, support and advocacy. We work in partnership with local Multiples Clubs, community groups, health care providers and educators to support our members.

Learn more about Multiples NZ and its Mission and Vision.

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