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If you have just found out you are expecting multiples—CONGRATULATIONS!! You are joining a fairly rare club. According to Statistics New Zealand, multiple births make up only 1.3-2% of all births. 

Statistics New Zealand have recently released birth figures for the 2015 year. In 2015 there were 828 sets of twins born and 14 sets of triplets (these figures include stillbirths). This is up slightly from 2014 (808 sets twins and 11 sets of triplets) but total births were also higher. Multiple births accounted for 1.39% of all births in 2015 compared to 1.44% in 2014.

There hasn’t been a set of quads born in New Zealand since 1998! More information can be found in the this link

If you are expecting, or raising multiples, Multiples NZ can help you! Our mission is to address the special and unique needs of families experiencing a multiple birth, by providing information and support to multiple birth clubs and members.




Multiples NZ is the national body that represents 14 (plus Triplets Plus) local Multiple Birth Clubs, consisting of over 1500 families throughout New Zealand. We aim to provide education, support and advocacy to all of these families, by providing guidance and resources to their local multiple birth clubs, and via this website.

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As you explore our website, you will find a wide variety of helpful information, based on current research and the experiences of other New Zealand parents of multiples, as well as the contact details for Multiple Birth clubs throughout the country.

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