New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Additional Financial Support (WINZ)

A range of extra financial support is available from WINZ in special circumstances, including payments for accommodation, childcare for young parents and a range of grants.

  • Accommodation Supplement—a weekly payment to helps with rent, board or the cost of owning a home. This payment is dependent on your income, assets, accommodation costs, family circumstances and location.
  • Temporary Additional Support—a weekly payment to help someone who can't meet their essential living costs from what they earn or from other sources. The payment depends on earnings, savings and assets, whether other help is available from WINZ, the types of costs being paid for and what a couple is doing to meet or reduce these costs, and a family’s current circumstances. This support may be paid for up to 13 weeks, and after this time, reapplied for.
  • Special Needs Grant—apayment which helps people in difficult circumstances to pay for something when they have no other way of paying for it. The grant is based on your individual circumstances, and is for urgent and necessary needs, and where there is no other way to meet these costs; and depends on earnings, savings and assets. It includes a Medical Assistance - Special Needs Grant that can be used to purchase required medical equipment for your premature multiples, such as a breast pump.
  • Transition to Work Grant—a payment, or series of payments, that helps people with the costs of moving into a job. It can help with the cost of looking for work, clothing and travel for job interviews, tools or clothing needed for work, relocation costs and living expenses until first pay. The grant depends on earnings, savings and assets.

To download a factsheet on Additional Financial Support from WINZ, click here.