New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Work and Income Home Help Payments

The Work and Income Multiple Birth Home Help Payments are available to help families of multiples with the cost of home help to complete household tasks normally performed in the home, such as cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry. This benefit is not means tested. New Zealand citizens or permanent resident are eligible if they have given birth to twins or adopted twins and have another child under the age of five years old, or have given birth to or have adopted triplets, or higher order multiples.

Parents of twins can get 240 hours, to be used within 12 months. Those who have given birth to triplets or more are entitled to 1560 hours, to be used within 24 months. Home help is granted from the date that the babies are born if they are born at home, or from the date that they are discharged from the hospital.

You may use your allotted hours in any way that suits your family needs, such as short term full-time help, or longer term part-time help. However, there is no further entitlement once the hours are used up or once the maximum period has ended. It is strongly recommended that parents begin the application process before their multiples are born, and have a home helper in mind—suggestions from multiple birth clubs include employing senior high school or university students, or advertising on a local supermarket notice board, or to use a home-based childcare company or nanny organisation, such as PORSE. Most multiple birth clubs will be able to provide the application forms, and help you complete them, or you can contact Work and Income.

To download a factsheet on Multiple Birth Home Help Payments, click here.