New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Multiples NZ History

Since it's inception in 1982 the Multiples NZ has represented over 18,000 multiple birth families. Registered as an Incorporated Society in 1982, the Multiples NZ was set up by a dedicated group of parents with twins or triplets who wanted to get to know other parents of multiples. Since that time, the Multiples NZ has grown to a network of over 20 affilated clubs across New Zealand. Still run by volunteers these clubs, and the Multiples NZ provide support, information and advice to over 1500 families annually.
Soley funded by membership fees, grants and sponosorship from organisations such as Porse, the Multiples NZ and clubs have been able to grow the range of services from basic networking and support to writing and producing resources, running Facebook groups, organising social and educational activities, hiring equipment, researching issues for multiple birth families and advocating for their needs.