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About Multiple Pregnancy

Twins make up about 2% of all pregnancies in New Zealand, 75% of these will be fraternal and 25% identical. Triplet and higher order pregnancies can be fraternal or identical, or a mixture of both.

There are two main types of twins, and twinning occurs in one of two ways:

  • Fraternal twins (dichorionic) occur when two eggs are released by the mother, at about the same time, and are fertilised by two different sperm
  • Identical twins (monochorionic) are the result of a single fertilised egg dividing in two, resulting in two babies who share about 90% of their genes.


'Chorionic' relates to how the amniotic membranes are set up, and is diagnosed by ultrasound.

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 Types of Twins

This diagram shows the different ways that the amniotic membranes and placentas can occur with identical twins.