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The value of the time and energy given by a volunteer is immeasurable and that’s why it’s important that we acknowledge the incredible gift they give us. Our volunteers are a strong and committed bunch who must somehow fit their commitments in around raising children, paid employment and other volunteer jobs.

Multiples NZ, with the support of PORSE, will be launching the 4th Annual PORSE Multiples NZ Volunteer Awards on Monday the 19th of June aligning with NZ Volunteer Week. These awards give you the opportunity to thank a hardworking volunteer who has made a positive impact on your life or your local multiple birth community. Social media has made it a lot easier to provide support from afar, and so Multiples NZ has expanded the Online Support Award to include those that write blogs, maintain Instagram accounts and have embraced SnapChat.

The Award Judges are calling for detail, photos and a creative approach to completing the nomination form. Remember, not all of our Judges will know the nominees so the more detail you include, the easier it is for the Judges to understand the volunteer's contribution to our community. You can read a more detailed outline of the award programme HERE 

There are six different categories:

  • ‘A JOB WELL DONE’ AWARD – Awarded to a volunteer who has provided exceptional service for the betterment of families with multiples within their local area or nationally. Prize includes $50 cash and $100 to the winner’s local Multiples NZ affiliated club.
  • EMERGING LEADER AWARD – Awarded to a volunteer who has stepped up and made a difference in their club or the New Zealand multiples community in their first 18 months as a volunteer (either on a committee or in a specific volunteer role e.g. starting a sub-branch, running a playgroup, being a contact person). The award highlights not only their contribution thus far, but their potential/intention to contribute to the multiples community in the future. Prize includes $50 cash and $100 to the winner’s local Multiples NZ affiliated club.
  • COMMUNITY DEDICATION AWARD – Awarded to a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to their club or the New Zealand multiples community for at least five years regardless of their role - from committee members to those people helping behind the scenes. Prize includes $50 cash and $100 to the winner’s local Multiples NZ affiliated club.
  • SUPPORT PERSON OF THE YEAR – Awarded to a volunteer who has provided exceptional service by supporting a family or families with multiples in the past year. Prize includes $50 cash and $100 to the winners local Multiples NZ affiliated club.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT AWARD – Awarded to a volunteer who has provided exceptional online support via Club or Multiples NZ Facebook pages, or Twitter, or through other online communication tools such as Blogs, Instagram and/or Snapchat. Prize includes $50 cash and $100 to the winner’s local Multiples NZ affiliated club.
  • CLUB OF THE YEAR AWARD - Awarded to a Multiples NZ affiliated club that encompasses all or some of the following attributes:
  • Has built and/or maintains a strong sense of belonging in its members.
  • There has been significant membership growth and retention of members..
  • Develops and implements innovative projects that support the needs of multiple families
  • Is governed by a committee that acts in the best interests its member families, understands its responsibilities and has systems in place to exercise them properly.
  • Shows a willingness to share ideas and experiences at a national level
  • Grows and maintains positive relationships with the wider community, support agencies and national sponsors.
  • Recovered after facing significant challenges such as dwindling membership, lack of committee or finances.
  • $500 cash prize

Nomination forms can be downloaded here

Nomination forms can be completed and returned by email to  with the subject line – PORSE Multiples NZ Award nomination. Nominations for the Online Support Award can be completed via SurveyMonkey The Multiples NZ Executive will review the Online Support Award nominations and will either nominate or shortlist the nominations to a total of five.

Nominations will close at 5pm1 September 2017.

The judging panel for all awards other than the Online Support Person of the Year Award will consist of the Multiples NZ President, a Multiples NZ Patron, a PORSE Representative and a Multiples NZ Life member.


The winners will be announced at the Multiples NZ National Conference Gala Dinner, which will be held in Auckland at the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron on Saturday 7th of October 2017.

Each winner of an award will receive a cash prize and a donation will be made to the winner’s local Multiples NZ
affiliated Club.

Tickets for the Gala Dinner can be purchased via the Multiples NZ National Conference Registration Form on the Multiples NZ website.

Multiples NZ will forever be grateful for the many hours that volunteers give to supporting families with twins and triplets and more throughout New Zealand.